The DefiMafia Hit list!

Dr. Körpus “Minting July 11th 2022”

Looking for real hand-drawn art again for your NFT collection? Look no further. Dr Körpus and The Flesh of Humanity series marks the beginning of an epic story set in a dystopian future where humanity exists in the Metaverse devoid of any physical connection. This is your chance to acquire one of the original drawings from Dr. Körpus’ research as he prepares his army to save humanity from itself.

Blood Bath”Launching Q3 2022″

This isn’t just another boring, cookie-cutter, doomed to fail P2E project. This is Blood Bath. Holders of this token gain access to the mortal combat arena that would make even Quentin Tarantino cringe. Play-to-earn is only the beginning. Challenge another Blood Bath holder to a winner-take-all death match. Find an opponent on the Blood Bath forum, set the wager, and let the blood flow! And don’t be surprised to see a Devoret Vevere sent by Dr. Körpus to challenge those brave enough to enter the arena.

Serial Hodlers “Launching Q3 2022”

Don’t dare buy this token unless you are a Serial Hodler! The tokenomics for this amazing project are designed to maximize price appreciation and penalize the bots, pump-n-dumpers, and paper hands. No BS with this token. 

Strike it Rich “Coming in Q3 2022”

The Gold Rush is on again! Buy your mining claim in the Heart of the Golden West. 5000 mining claims are available for those prospectors looking to Strike It Rich in the great State of Nevada, USA! Buy your claim and start mining, and maybe you too can shout “EUREKA!”

Emerson “Launching Q3 2022”

EM3RSON is the first artist The DefiMafia discovered. And what an amazing find! This incredible, unique tattoo artist caught our eye with the light language she scribes onto canvass and skin alike. Her NFT art has already sold for thousands of dollars, and our new collaboration is poised to revolutionize the tattoo industry. This world-renowned artist is the first to offer her clients an NFT with each tattoo.