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Why We Do It

Like you, we believe in the seemingly boundless opportunities that decentralized finance has created for so many. Millions of people around the globe have taken their financial future into their own hands. No longer are the institutional gatekeepers able to choose who wins and who loses. If you have a great idea, there is an opportunity to be pursued in the defi marketplace.

Unfortunately, this has lured those who only care about making money at any cost. These scammers and opportunists prey on vulnerable and often inexperienced investors.

We have been scammed. You have been scammed. That’s why trust and authenticity is at the core of every project we bring to life in the defi marketplace. We are building our community from the ground up, and building our projects for long term success.

Who We Are

The DefiMafia is a group of developers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs and visionaries driven to advance the decentralized marketplace of ideas.

This team of experienced professionals in finance, marketing, cinema, and e-commerce has a passion for the future of our shared decentralized marketplace.

We welcome any ideas so long as they are unique, fair, provide utility, and built for long-term success.

We especially want to bring the artist back into NFTs. If you are an artist or developer with original creations and ideas and would like to explore NFTs, please contact us.

Our mission is simple: Provide the crypto community with mind-blowing, original, and trusted projects built to last.

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